Frame after frame of emotion and artistry


Vision New Media’s content universe continues to expand through our award-winning globally-recognised animation arm, Vision Animation. With several decades of experience, VA is is leading animation house in the country.





Vision Animation’s studios are top drawer award-winning producers of 2D and 3D animation, delivering high quality TV series, feature film and cost competitive animation services on a global scale. We have more than a decade of experience collaborating with top foreign animation companies such as CineGroupe Canada, Cuppa Coffee Canada, Film Roman USA, Tell-Tale Productions UK, A Productions UK, Kapow Pictures Australia, Moody Street Kids Australia, Title Entertainment Canada and Telescreen Netherlands.

As Malaysia’s leading animation studio, Vision Animation has been a vital player in the burgeoning development of the Malaysian animation industry. It enjoys funding and other support from the Malaysian government, and as such has moved firmly into the realm of IP ownership through international co-productions and its own creative development.

Technical Ensemble

Vision Animation is also recognized as a pioneer in addressing the global 2D and 3D animation market by combining expertise in traditional cel and digital animation techniques.

Critical Acclaim

Vision Animation’s productions have been recognised by the Emmy Awards and the Asian Television Awards, and a BAFTA award for the console game Grid through our relationship with Codemasters.