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Vision New Media has cultivated extensive global networks in content distribution (both theatrical and television) via our distribution arms, Vision Plus Entertainment, Tanweer Vision Pictures and Square Box Pictures.

Vision Plus EntertainmentTanweer Vision PicturesSquare Box Pictures



The Key Story Arc

Through Vision Plus Entertainment, one of the largest distributors of international content in Asia, we are committed to sourcing the highest quality entertainment from around the world and offering a unique combination of quality entertainment content and customized media planning services to advertisers, sponsors and broadcasters.

International and Regional Ensemble

We are proud to work with major studios, producers and networks worldwide, including Warner Bros., CBS, Paramount, Sony Pictures International, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, Buena Vista/Disney, MGM Studios, LionsGate, Turner, Fremantle Media, Sonar Entertainment, Viacom International, and Celestial Pictures, amongst many others.

Closer to home, we have strong working relationships with the largest Asian broadcasters such as ABS-CBN Philippines, Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia, ASTRO and Media Prima in Malaysia, STAR, TVB Hong Kong, Media Corp Singapore, True Visions Thailand and SBS Australia as we distribute content to broadcasters in over 15 countries throughout Asia.



Tanweer Vision Pictures (TVP) is a joint venture between The Tanweer Group and Vision New Media, each bringing to the table unique and complementary strengths that have been garnered from over 25 years of experience. Through the Tanweer Group, TVP is able to carry out multi-territorial buys of major Hollywood titles and this is complemented by Vision’s ability to distribute and market them across a variety of platforms throughout the Asian region.

TVP is poised to serve as a major Asian buyer and distributor for Hollywood films for theatrical, pan-regional and terrestrial television release across the region, with primary focus on Malaysia and Brunei, and extending to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan.



Square Box Pictures is a theatrical distribution arm for films acquired by TVP, as well as productions of Double Vision for Malaysia and Brunei.

Our team is well seasoned with industry experience that understands the local theatrical market and is one that has developed strong relationships with local exhibitors and media. We are focused on and strive to be the leading independent distributor in Malaysia and at the same time, are working on expanding and bringing our movies to Indonesia as well as the Philippines.